In London the importance of planning your route and learning the best streets to cycle on cannot be overstated. Whether you feel like using main roads or routes through back streets, parks and canals, two of the real joys of cycling are the flexibility and freedom.

City Cyclists came up with the concept of a credit card sized fold-out cycle map for the City. The Corporation produced 5000 based on our suggestions for information. It shows actual cycle facilities other than cycle only gaps and is most useful for cycle parking. They are available at some cycle shops, information centres, etc. in the area but have proved extremely popular.

Over one million London Cycle Guides have been distributed and have contributed to a recent rise in cycling. However there has been limited criticism about some of the blue "cycle routes" on the maps. City Cyclists have worked to ensure accuracy of the new edition of the map which will not show most of the LCN routes in the City, as though planned in 1999 they have still not been implemented.

Obtaining paper copies of maps

  • The City of London map is available from the Corporation, LCC, some bike shops, libraries, info points etc. in the City.
  • London Cycle Guides can be ordered here
    : delivered free to your door (UK only)
  • Sustrans has guides for its long distance routes to sell in its on-line shop

On-line cycle maps

On-line cycle journey planners

  • TfL Journey Planner useful to compare cycling with public transport and mixed mode journeys (NB go to options and select "Cycle & Ride" and the max time you want to cycle for)
  • Cycle maps planner

Cycle route proposals

See the page on the cycle routes in the City

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