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City Cyclists have been focusing on improving conditions for cyclists on the streets of the City. Everyone we have spoken with agrees with this priority. It is unlikely that the group will ever offer many social activities due to its small size and the number of larger borough groups around it, which can do so better. We do however want to involve ourselves with workplace cycle groups / Bicycle User Groups and help get such groups started where need be.

Please contact LCC for details of next meeting. Recently communication has been over email rather than face to face.

We try to alternate meeting times so that both those who work and also those that live in the City can be involved. We either meet for an informal lunch or in the early evening for a slightly longer meeting.

Lunchtime meeting in the Place Below

City Cyclists and Corporation transport officers have a lunchtime meeting in the atmospheric Place Below Cafe under St Mary Le Bow, Cheapside in March 2003

If you work or live within the City of London to become a member join the London Cycling Campaign and put City of London down as your area.

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