City of London

Cycling in the City

Pictures of various events involving cycling in the City... more

Hall of Shame

World Class or Class of its own? Exposed in pictures: the Corporation of London's "blunderthon" gathers momentum as cycling gets a raw deal... [in need of updating]more

London & UK

Ideas for the future

Examples of cycle friendly design around the UK... more

Cycle fa-silly-ty showcase

A look at how many "cycle facilities" in London are more than a waste of money - they actually hinder cycles making cycling less safe and less pleasant... more

Extended Cycle Streaming Lanes

Extended Cycle Streaming Lanes (ECSLs also know as Advanced Stop Lines or Bike Boxes) can help cycles bypass queuing motor traffic and proceed through junctions more safely. But bad design common in the UK can make them hazards in their own right... more



Barcelona leads the way in use of public space, reclaiming streets from the motor vehicle... more


The Irish capital has similar roads and road rules to London but does much better for cycling. more

East Germany

In the half a generation since the Wall fell, East Germany has leaped ahead of the UK in street and road design at the same time as motor and indeed cycle trips have increased. more


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