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Cycle training and buddy scheme

Air Pollution

You are exposed to less pollution on a cycle than in a car or bus and none of the unknown dangers of particulate pollution of the Tube. And if you plan your route well, you could find much of your cycle journey taking you through a park or along a canal or river.

City of London

The City of London is the smallest and richest local authority in the United Kingdom. It is run by the Corporation of London.

Disabled cyclists

People with disabilities are forgotten when it comes to designing streets as much as people who cycle: its no surprise therefore cycling for those with a disability encounters even more prejudiced and ignorant attitudes.


The near lack of enforcement of against motor vehicles going into cycle lanes and cycle advance stop lines at traffic signals is a problem in the City. We are finding this difficult to change. We support the City Police targetting those cyclists who ride through pedestrian green phases when going through a red signal and who cycle on busy pavements.

Goods Transport

  • Workbikes info on carrying goods and other people by cycle

Hiring cycles

  • Cycle hire in London a full list from the LCC.
  • We are pushing for a continental style cycle station at either Liverpool Street or Farringdon with cycle hire.


As a member of the London Cycling Campaign you will have third party insurance up to 1million

  • You may also purchase insurance against theft of your cycle at a reduced rate
  • For the truth about the EU proposals on cycle/vehicle collisions select this link


The notorious policy of removing cycles parked to street furniture within the City has been overturned despite some signs still remaining. Please however do be considerate where you lock your cycle as pedestrian flows on City pavements are high.

Public transport

You can take your cycle on most public transport in London except the Docklands Light Railway, Croydon Tramlink, Moorgate-Finsbury Park WAGN train services and deep sections of the Underground. On other services there are usually restrictions on taking cycles during the rush hour, though on trains you can take a cycle if travelling against the flow. Some rail services on longer distance trains charge 1 or 3 for a cycle reservation. Many new trains have reduced space for cycles for more information click here.

Repair services

Re-rolling, Cyclists' Premier Puncture Call Out Service for London's Congestion Charge Zone. Puncture Repairs, Inner Tube Replacement and Tyre Pressure Check, Mon-Fri 7.30am-7.00pm. 10% discount for LCC members
Contact 07715 711150 or e-mail

The Environmental Transport Association also offer a cycle recovery service. See also Shops, Cycle


Rickshaws or pedicabs are already a common and popular sight in the West End. Plans are afoot for them to venture further East into the City soon.

Shops, cycle

  • Bikefix, 48 Lamb's Conduit Street London WC1 (various non-standard cycles)
  • Condor Cycles, 51 Grays Inn Road, WC1 (just outside the City but with huge range)
  • Cycle Surgery, Strype St, E1
  • Evans Cycles, 1 Farringdon Street, EC4M 7LD
  • Evans Cycles, Cullum Street (off Fenchurch Street), EC3M 7JJ

at all these shops LCC members receive a 10% (5% at Cycle Surgery) discount except on labour charges and new bikes


Increasing numbers of workplaces are providing showers for their employees. There are limited public facilities available, however one alternative is to wash using a flannel. The basin in disabled toilets is often a good place to wash in privacy.

  • Rail stations (cost up to 3) Euston
  • Any other public showers?

Street defect reporting

Tax benefits

Cycling is already much cheaper than other forms of transport but with the tax benefits described below, it can be almost free LATEST! Budget 2003 allows any work day to be designated as a "Cycling to work day" allowing breakfasts to be served to cycling employees tax free.

Theft of cycles

Take stock of your lock - From CoL Police campaign

We are trying to work with the City of London Police to reduce theft of cycles. Use at least one approved lock to lock your frame and a wheel to an immovable object, preferably with a cable to secure the second wheel (and saddle). Use a cycle rack if possible which is in clear view of a busy road or place.


You can bring your cycle to London from abroad by boat (contact shipping company), air (some carriers make a charge, others treat cycles as part of your baggage allowance) or by Eurostar. On high speed European services you must remove your wheels, saddle and handlebars and put them and your cycle in a special bag (available from 50), though on Eurostar you can pay 20 each way per cycle, though it will not necessarily travel with you. If taking your cycle on an aeroplane you must also deflate the tires and place it in a padded bag or cardboard.


If youve never cycled in London before, it is very sensible to get a little training to learn how to ride confidently and safely in traffic. Refreshing your knowledge of the Highway Code is also invaluable.


Despite what you may think of the British weather there are few days in the year when you will actually be soaked cycling to work.

Many find that in winter cycling offers the only chance to be outside in the sunlight while in summer cyclists who have the opportunity to shower and change into work clothes have far less of a hygiene problem than their sweaty colleagues stuck in cars, buses not to mention tubes.

... air pollution :: City of London :: disabled cyclists :: enforcement :: goods transport :: hiring cycles :: insurance :: parking :: public transport, taking your cycle on :: repair services :: rickshaws :: shops, cycle :: showers :: street defect reporting :: tax benefits :: theft of cycles :: tourism, cycle :: training, cycle :: weather ...

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