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no cycling bollard

Cycling gets a raw deal in the City: with the highest cycle flows in London but the worst safety record of anywhere in the UK, the Corporation of London failed to spend the money given to it for new cycle routes in 2001, 2002 and 2003, let alone consider spending any of its own considerable reserves, being the richest area in Europe. In fact all there is came from a half-hearted attempt to make some cycle routes in 1999 and 2000, which still have not beend signed.

Meanwhile the City Police offer zero tolerance for cyclists and zero enforcement for cycle facilities. They have never fined any driver who stops illegally in cycle lanes orblocks cycle boxes ('ASLs') at traffic lights. However they happily ticket more cyclists than any other police force despite being the smallest in the UK.

Many City businesses are not aware that an increasing proportion of their workforce are cycling into work and that an increasing proportion of their deliveries come by Human Powered Vehicles. Fewer still actually support those that do. Fortunately there is a vibrant local cycling group that is starting to make a difference...

Current campaigns

One way? No way!

The City is full of one way streets that discriminate against cycling. Rather than exempting cycles the Corporation from these road restrictions, it is putting in more, denying all knowledge of the official signs and guidance to exempt pedal cycles... more [20/12/03]

Contra-flow cycling sign

It's no accident!
1/4 of London cycle deaths in City

In 2004 a quarter of London's cyclist fatalities took place in the City, despite the Square Mile making up just a thousandth of the total area of Greater London. While the rest of London sees improvements in safety due to new 20mph zones and cycle facilities, the Corporation has refused to spend money granted to it by Transport for London. It's time for change before someone else loses their life. more [27/09/04]

road crash victims

Twenty's plenty!
Cyclists take City of London to court over 20mph plans

The Corporation backed down minutes before the High Court hearing was due to start on 6 September and undertook to reconsider a 20mph zone. An update will follow release :: campaign [07/09/04]

20mph demo

Previous campaigns

City's transport plan for 2006-2011
Making the City world class for cycling

City Cyclists have submitted a detailed response to the City's consultation on local transport plans for the next five years. Key parts include calls for the City to be made a 20mph zone, permeability for cycling to be increased, a reduction in the huge number of taxis during the day and help for businesses to set up bike pools for their staff. more [10/06/06]

Thames side transformed
Wide cycle lanes won

The historic area of the City leading to the River Thames was bombed during the war and severed by an urban dual carriageway. Thanks to lobbying by City Cyclists, there are now the first continental width cycle lanes in London and a cycle crossing to the Tower of London. Whether you want a speedy route to cycle across town on or a leisurely ride round the tourist attractions, it's time to check out the vibrant interface between the City and the Thames. more [20/10/04]

road crash victims

Keep cool - keep cycling!

With the return of the summer, more and more Londoners are returning to cycling. Yet contrary to conventional wisdom, many find that utility cycling is the best way to keep cool while getting around in an increasingly heated capital. Here are some handy tips for warm weather. more [06/06/04]

Zero growth, zero hope?
City's Cycle Plan's usefulness questioned

The Corporation has taken two years to draw up and publish its Cycling Plan and the lack of priority given to cycling is now repeated by inaction in implementing its proposals. Campaigners are concerned the Plan is simply "window dressing" and are pressing for action not just words. more [10/05/05]

Stone age cycle

Bendy buses bad for bikes?

The introduction of bendy buses is causing a lot of problems and not just for cyclists... more [15/03/04]

bendy bus

Stand and deliver! City Police use "ransom strip" to persecute cycle route users

Cyclists using a popular cycle route have been given 30 fines for using a 20m wrongly signed road section. Following revelations that City Cycle Patrol Unit police commit the same offence daily on a neighbouring street, there have been calls for the fines to be dropped amid growing outrage and disbelief among local cyclists... more [16/12/03]

Ransom strip across West Smithfield

Too narrow to cycle in

The City's cycle lanes are getting narrower: Corporation staff just aren't aware of official requirements and allow their contractors to keep on marking them in the wrong place. It's safer to cycle outside of them... more [20/12/03]

Cycling outside a narrow cycle lane

Improvements to specific locations

Southwark Bridge-Tower Hill
Status: consultation Aug 2004, completion Oct 2004
Joint response on TfL's proposals for cycle measures on Upper/Lower Thames St, Byward St and Tower Hill.
Holborn Circus - Spitalfieds LCN+ route
Status: supposed completion (unlikely) by April 2005
Response to proposals for cycle route between Holborn Circus and Spital Square.
Stations Circular: Southwark Bridge - Moorgate (LCN+ Route 0)
Status: supposed completion by early 2004, however proposals still being reconsidered
Response to proposals for stations circular route.
Liverpool Street
Status: implementation Apr 2005, slipped from Oct 2004
Corporations plan [not scanned] Part 1 and Part 2 ,
Our additional proposal for a cycle contra-flow on Eldon Street creating a new cycle route between Moorgate and Bishopsgate .
London Wall / Moorgate
Status: completion Oct 2004
Corporations plan Part 1 and Part 2 ,
Our alternative proposal, explanatory images and our alternative plan Part 1 and Part 2
Holborn Circus
Status: 2005/6?
Our plan and our comments for the Hatton Garden Clear Zone
Goodman's Yard / Tower
Status: on hold
Corporations plan part 1 and part 2 . We raised some minor design issues - for scheme status see Summer 2003 news.
Status: implementation repeatedly delayed, implementation perhaps by end 2004.
Corporations plan,
Our comments and our alternative plan (1st draft)
St. Bride St
Draft of our plan for two-way cycle movements
Bridging the Thames
Status: ideas should be fed through as part of Opposition to Thames Gateway Bridge
Map showing series of proposed cycle/foot bridges (marked in green) downriver of Tower Bridge
St Pauls Permeability Plan
Status: medium-term vision of City Cyclists
Making it easier to cycle around St Pauls, the heart of the UK road network.
Tower Wharf
Letter to the Governor of the Tower asking for cycle access on Tower Wharf (12-12-01)

City issues

London Cycle Network

Our comments on the proposals for Priority Strategic Routes in the City.

Lower Speed limits

Our comments on the proposals for a 20mph speed limit in the City.

Air pollution

Our response to the Draft Air Quality Strategy in the City.

Cycle roads

Cycle roads (rtf 0.8Mb): the first article in English about Fahrradstrassen

Recent achievements

  • Tower Hill - stopped proposed ban on cycling in area being pedestrianised
  • St Bride St - stopped proposed ban on cycling as part of new traffic scheme
  • Duke's Place - stopped removal of cycle track for enlarged bus stop
  • Lombard Street - lobbied successfully to permit contra-flow cycling on whole length of road
  • Watling Street - stopped proposed ban on cycling at Western end
  • Aldgate - forced Corporation to change signs so that the cycle route can be used without breaking the law!
  • Helped produce City Cycling Guide - the card sized format was our idea
  • Fleet Street & St Paul's Churchyard bus lanes - successful in campaigning for longer hours of operation and ban on taxis
  • Blackfriars Bridge - obtained Mayoral commitment to urgent safety review following fatality
  • Western 'ring of steel' - secured cycle access through extra road closures

Our constant pressure has persuaded the Corporation to produce its first ever Cycling Plan and has kept cycling on the agenda in the City.

... current campaigns :: specific locations :: issues :: achievements ...
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