Cycle 'facility' showcase


Yes the beige part of the pavement is actually a contra-flow cycle track despite the liberal sprinkling of sign posts. Union Street - Southwark

Just further on Union Street the signs are still wrongly saying one-way so drivers pulling out of side roads etc. have no way of knowing there's a disguised contra-flow cycle track passing in front of them. The council would be fully liable for any collision due to this grossly negligent road design.


An absurdly narrow cycle bypass taking in an uncyclable path - Cannonbury, N1. Cyclists are expected to do a 120 degree turn then ride between two metal posts 1m apart.

Willow Bridge was closed to motor vehicles and this barrier was put in to dissuade youths on motorcycles from the estate on one side crossing into a very posh bit of Cannonbury. It's very annoying to cycle through and there's no sign forbiding motorcyclists coming in the other direction.

East London

No one bothered to repaint the cycle lane after putting in these buildouts. Romford Road - LB Newham

A13 cycle track with built in traffic calming - lamp posts.

Victoria Park to Fish Island - new and very trendy looking "pedestrian & cycle bridge" except that you're not supposed to cycle over it.

The end of an overgrown track at Eastway, Hackney.

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