Whether you're interested in better conditions for cycling in the City, tax breaks for cycling, social events or historic rides through streets crammed with over 2000 years of history, whether you're a cycling student, lawyer, courier, bonds trader or whatever else, you'll find plenty to read here. Cycling levels have more than doubled in the City since the turn of the century, the biggest increase anywhere in Europe if not the world.

Note for visitors: the "City" is the oldest part of London and is roughly the area inside the old Roman wall. The Square Mile, as it is also known, is the world's leading financial centre and its local authority is the City of London Corporation. For general enquiries please contact our parent organisation the (Greater) London Cycling Campaign which has other local groups all over the capital.

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Latest News

Red light moral panic hits City
Cyclists condemn ill-thought out operation

A TV programme showing cyclists jumping red lights has led to a fresh erruption of "moral panic" over cyclists jumping red lights and a knee-jerk enforcement campaign by the City of London Police fining cyclists with zero tolerance but "raising awareness" with other road users. Research by City Cyclists has revealed police actions to be as misinformed as they are biased. more [09/01/08]

police issuing ticket

Cycle possession banned in City's heart
Time to change walkways byelaws

Possession of cycles is to be banned around St Paul's Cathedral and the Tower of London: this covers not only riding a bike but also wheeling or even carrying one! The streets are to be designated as "City Walkways" under a 1960s byelaw drawn up at a time when cycles did not feature in the City's vision of its future. more [28/11/07]

no cycling bollard

City Cycling gets Google Maps treatment
Routes and cycle stands easily viewable

City Cyclists have teamed up with neighbouring Camden Cycling Campaign to add cycling data such as official and recommended routes, cycle shops and cycle stands to Google Maps. With 100% wifi coverage available in the City, you can now see the latest cycling information superimposed on high resolution satellite imagery wherever your journey takes you. more [20/06/07]

New cycle lane on bridge

Cycle parking at crisis point
Knee-jerk response from City Police could be illegal

The doubling in cycling in the City over the last three years alone has led to a tremendous demand for cycle parking. However the City of London is still only implementing 75 cycle stands per year, based on a target outdated years ago. The City Police took the law into their own hands and threatened to remove cycles parked to street furniture, even though this is not illegal. Following the threat of taking them to court, they have now backed down.more [14/01/07]

Cycles locked to railings

Cultural cycle
City visitor attractions promote cycling visitors

Most cycling in the City is by commuters and couriers. Even though the City streets are near deserted during evenings and weekends, few tourist or leisure trips are made by cycle. Starting with St Paul's Cathedral, Barbican Arts centre and the Museum of London we are pushing for attractions to publicise cycle routes and parking info for visitors. more [10/08/07]


City Cycling Forum
Red light for City Cycle Forum

The City Cycling Forum was first held in the City of London Art Gallery in February 2006 then in the City Marketing suite in September 2006 and June 2007. A cycle forum was a key demand of City Cyclists and we are delighted that it has become so successful. Unfortunately after having been stung by the criticism by those attending, the City have now proposed to hold it only once every year.more [10/10/07]

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The big issues

No longer a bridge too far?
Bridge upgrades ebbing and flowing

After years of campaigning and a number of tragic incidents, progress on making central London bridges cycle friendly remains patchy. The Thames has yet to become an incentive for rather than a barrier to Londoners who wish to cycle across town. more [24/10/07]

Blackfriars Bridge

London Cycle Network
going nowhere in the City?

The City managed to spend just 3% of its grants for the London Cycle Network in 2005 on cycle facilities and then on a route which is so poorly designed as to be worse than useless. The London Assembly has now expressed its concern and called for better standards and the fast-tracking of cycle routes in the City and West End. more [10/12/06]

Disappearing cycle lane

It's no accident!
1/10 of London cycle deaths in City

In 2004 a quarter of London's cyclist fatalities took place in the City, despite the Square Mile making up just a thousandth of the total area of Greater London. While the rest of London sees improvements in safety due to new 20mph zones and cycle facilities, the Corporation has refused to spend money granted to it by Transport for London. It's time for change before more lives are lost. more [27/09/04]

road crash victims

Twenty's Plenty
Campaigning to make central London safer changes gear

After the 20mph speed limit on Upper Thames Street was shown to reduce serious collisions by 90%, the Corporation of London stopped a TfL proposal for 20mph on Bishopsgate. That thoroughfare, full of pedestrians leaving Liverpool Street station and cyclists, is one of the worst collision blackspots in London with a tenth of all cycle collisions in the City alone. The decision has been greeted with disbelief. more [16/12/05]

Blackfriars Bridge
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Cycle lane ends - cyclists dismount

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Bike 2 Work - National Bike Week 2003


Insurance to disabled cycling, tax-free breakfasts to rickshaws, mobile repair services to cycle tourism: until you've read the directory you haven't scratched the surface of cycling in the City. Recommended for those who are new to cycling in London... more

German judges' cycle tour
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